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What is the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network?

The Apprenticeship Ambassador Network is a voluntary network made up of employers and current or former apprentices.

Apprentice ambassadors support a variety of events and activities that aim to share their experience as an apprentice to inspire and inform future apprentices in making informed career choices.

Apprentice ambassadors are aged 18 and over and are members of the wider national network as well as their regional network. There are 9 regional networks made up of sub-regions and are chaired by an elected Apprentice Ambassador Network member.

If you have any queries about the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network or would like to register your interest in becoming an apprentice ambassador, please email

The apprentice ambassador role

Apprentice ambassadors volunteer their time to inspire and motivate the apprentices of tomorrow.

The role includes:

  • live and virtual presentations at local schools or colleges
  • attending and speaking to people at career events
  • supporting mock assessment centre workshops
  • participating in social media campaigns
  • sharing experiences using blogs, videos, and formal case studies

Apprentice ambassadors are also encouraged to use social media to connect with a range of audiences. Through social media, they can share the benefits of completing an apprenticeship, hiring an apprentice and information on the network.

The benefits of becoming an apprentice ambassador 

As an apprentice ambassador, you will:

  • share your apprenticeship story to inspire others
  • boost your professional and personal skills
  • meet new people and build your network
  • participate in workshops and social media campaigns
  • be able to access wider training and development resources
  • share insights to influence and inform policy decisions
  • support and inspire career decisions

Apprentice ambassadors are invited to take part in various projects and campaigns. Previous members have presented at awards ceremonies, spoken in the House of Commons, attended high profile events and more.

How much time is involved?

By signing up to become an apprentice ambassador, you agree to:

  • join your local/regional network
  • access a training session provided by the Education and Skills Funding Agency
  • be a member for at least 1 year
  • volunteer approximately 0.5 days per month/6 events or activities per year
  • promote the array of apprenticeship options available

Why join the Apprentice Ambassador Network?

In the following film, Amy and Tom talk about their role as an ambassador, how it has helped them develop personally and why you should consider joining the network.

Information for apprentices

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Discover more about the Apprentice Ambassador Network and how to become a member.


Information for employers

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Information created for employers on what the Apprentice Ambassador Network is and how employers can support their apprentices with becoming a member.


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