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Prepare for the initial assessment

Have a say in your apprentice’s training

At the start of an apprenticeship you will have be involved in an initial assessment. This is a conversation between you, the apprentice and the training provider.

You will work together to identify if the apprentice is already competent in any areas of the apprenticeship. This could be because they have relevant:

  • industry or sector experience
  • training like an IT course
  • qualifications like an NVQ in a relevant field

Existing knowledge could mean less time spent training

If the initial assessment shows that the apprentice is already competent in any area of the apprenticeship, then they should not have to do this part of the training. After reductions have been agreed, the apprenticeship must be at least 12 months in length.

Negotiate price based on reductions in training

Any reduction in training due to RPL must lead to a reduction in the total agreed apprenticeship price. You can negotiate this reduction with your training provider. Find out more about how you can negotiate price.

Take part in the initial assessment

Each party has a role in the initial assessment. As an employer you should:

  • help identify areas of the job role that the apprentice might be competent in
  • challenge areas in which you believe the apprentice requires more training
  • support the apprentice with evidence of their competence, if applicable


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