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Dental Nurse

You don't need any prior experience to start on the road to becoming a qualified dental nurse. Dental professionals are always needed, so it's astable career path with lots of opportunity for further training and development. Most importantly, you'll be having a positive impact on people's lives every day as you provide care and support them through treatment.

Dental nurses provide chair-side support while patients receive care and treatment. They work closely with dentists and other dental professionals such as hygienists, therapists and technicians, working as part of a team to deliver dental care.

Typical tasks include:

  • greeting patients and making sure they are comfortable and safe
  • preparing items used for dental procedures, ensuring cleanliness
  • assisting in delivering patient care
  • keeping records and taking notes
  • supporting the dentist or senior dental professional

After completion, you may move onto, level 4 oral health practitioner apprenticeship

Apprenticeship duration: approx. 18 months

Salary expectations: starting salary can be up to £20k

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Where you could work

Dental nurses are needed in clinics and hospitals all around the country. You might work for the NHS or at a private surgery.

"Our apprentice dental nurses are at the heart of everything we do. We work with the top learning providers to offer the very best in educational training to help you achieve your development goals and fulfill your career aspirations."

- Bupa

Meet some apprentices

Meet Cache and Emma, who will tell you about the benefits of a dental nurse apprenticeship.

Meet Abbey, a dental nurse, who will tell you about the role and the qualifications needed.

Meet Chris, who recently qualified through the dental nurse apprenticeship programme with Tempdent.

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