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Join the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network as an employer

The Apprenticeship Ambassador Network (AAN) is a group of employers and former and current apprentices. They volunteer their time to encourage and inspire more young people to pursue high quality apprenticeships as a vibrant career path.

Benefits for employer ambassadors

  • connect with apprentices and other organisations
  • share experiences with other employers
  • grow profile of your employer organisation
  • enhance your employee base

What does an apprenticeship ambassador do?

They undertake their ambassador role on a voluntary basis by supporting and influencing a range of key stakeholders. These stakeholders include schools, colleges, local enterprise partnerships, employers and their supply chains, trade associations and employment bodies. They champion and support marketing, publicity and events to raise awareness of apprenticeships and mentor other ambassadors.

How to join the AAN

If you are an employer ambassador with an existing Apprenticeship Service (AS) account linked to your organisation, you just need to sign in to your AS account and click on the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network tile on your dashboard.

Join now

Don’t have an employer Apprenticeship Service account?

If you do not already have access to your organisation’s Apprenticeship Service account, please contact your organisation’s account owner. Your account owner will send you an email invitation to join the organisation account. You will need to accept this invitation and sign in to your Apprenticeship Service account with a GOV.UK One Login. Once you have your employer account set up, you will be able to sign up for the AAN portal.

If you need to, you can register with the Apprenticeship Service as an employer.

Any queries

If you cannot find out who your organisation’s account owner is, or have any questions or need any support, please contact the Apprenticeship Service Helpdesk. They will be able to send a notification to your account owner to connect you.

You can contact the helpdesk on 08000 150 600 or by emailing

You can also find help and support in our AAN Resources Hub.

Are you an apprentice wanting to join AAN?

If you’re an apprentice and you want to become an apprentice ambassador, click here to learn more.

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