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Teaching Assistant

Apprentice teaching assistants have the opportunity to start working in a classroom straight away. They work with the lead classroom teacher to support students, make sure lessons run smoothly and lead smaller group activities. Teaching assistants work very closely with students and often support the same ones long term. They can have a life changing impact on the people they work with.

Typical tasks include:

  • helping pupils with their learning
  • running activities with small groups
  • supporting individual students to overcome challenges, such as with reading, writing or confidence.
  • supporting students who have special educational needs and disabilities
  • preparing the classroom with resources and displays

After completion, apprentices may progress to higher level teaching assistant roles and specialist teaching assistant roles.

Apprenticeship duration: approx. 18 months

Salary expectations: starting salary can be between £15k and 19k

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Where could you work?

Teaching assistants work in primary, secondary and special education schools with both younger and older year groups.

“When I complete work each day I know I have made a positive contribution to the lives of the children I work with. My apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to fulfil my ambition of working with children and a sense of accomplishment and pride.”

- AET Apprentice 2022

Meet some apprentices

Meet Lucy and Tanisha, who are gaining real classroom experience while working towards their goals.

Meet Paignton and Alesha, who are supporting young people as specialist learning assistants.

Meet Emily, who completed her apprenticeship and went on to be offered a teacher training post.

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