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Plumbing and domestic heating technicians keep our homes warm and our drinking water safe. They enjoy flexible hours, and they're also at the forefront of installing exciting new environmental technologies like solar thermal systems, biomass boilers and water recycling systems.

Typical tasks include:

  • installing and testing various parts of hot/cold water, central heating, drainage and rainwater systems
  • accurately measuring, cutting, bending and jointing pipework
  • using your knowledge and creativity to figure out causes and fix problems
  • working both independently and as part of a team
  • providing a high quality service to customers

After completion, apprentices may set up their own business as a sole trader, or join a national team and progress through local, regional, and director level roles. They may also go into project management roles, advanced engineering, design and planning, teaching or training others.

Apprenticeship duration: approx. 4 years

Salary expectations: starting salary can be up to £20k

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Where could you work?

Apprentices may work locally, visiting people's homes and solving problems. They might be working on building sites both indoors and outdoors. And they could be working in the UK or do plumbing jobs abroad.

"Investing in our people makes our business stronger and we are passionate about growing our own talent. Whether you’re 16, or an experienced professional seeking a new direction, we’ll help you to develop further. All you need is the right attitude."

- Gasway

Meet some apprentices

Meet George, who has dyslexia has been no barrier to a career in plumbing.

Meet Tommy and Shaun, who are being supported to qualify and start their own business.

Meet Corrina, who enjoys problem-solving and thinking on her feet as a plumber.

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