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Meet Mariam, former Business Administration apprentice

Job title: Business Administration Apprentice

Company: Troup Bywaters + Anders

What advice would you give a young person considering an apprenticeship?

For a young person considering an apprenticeship, I would advise to always keep your options open. An apprenticeship will undoubtedly help you develop in a personal and professional manner, as it will give you that confidence to expand and improve your skillset. An apprenticeship really allows you to get yourself out there and pushes you to be a professional individual, which is an amazing way to get your foot in the door to set you and your future career up.

Why would you encourage young people to consider a career in business administration?

Business administration is a fast paced yet very flexible route to take, where you can work in a variety of fields, which was especially useful for me as I still was not sure of which direct route I wanted to take within my career. You gain a bunch of soft skills during your apprenticeship, your day to day role will consist of so many different environments and situations, which will naturally allow you to become more confident.

How did you get into the industry?

After completing my A levels, I was still unsure on whether or not to go to University. I took a gap year to really think about what I wanted my next steps to be, and I browsed through the apprenticeships website. I was surprised with how many business apprenticeships were available, as I did not receive that knowledge from my sixth form college. I knew I wanted a career in the business sector, so I applied to become a Business Administration apprentice at TB+A. I didn’t know how many doors this apprenticeship could open for me, but after researching more about the different standards that are available, I knew this role was a great fit for me.

What does your current role entail on a day-to-day basis?

No day is the same for me as I have many responsibilities within my role. I am the lead co-ordinator for London for the Apprenticeship Ambassador Network, and I am in contact with over 100 employers who I work with to collate reports, case studies and newsletters on a regular basis. I manage our social media and website, and regularly attend conferences and events as the face for my organisation. I organise and chair meetings, whilst also managing our own events and projects.

What are the best parts of your job?

I would say that the best part of my job is the networking. Talking to and working with dozens of ambassadors each day, I am regularly having inspirational conversations with various employers and apprentices who are passionate about their role and experiences. This is definitely the best part of my job as I have formed so many professional relationships and these conversations have created even more intuitive ways of working with one another, which always makes my role exciting.

What advice would you give to young people when they first get into a role?

When starting a new role, the main piece of advice I would give is to not put too much pressure on yourself. It’s an unfamiliar and new environment for you, so it’s important to take things in as they come and to not stress. An apprenticeship is all about learning on the job, so things will just come naturally. If you find yourself unsure about how a particular process works or where to find something, don’t ever be too embarrassed to ask! Everyone is always happy to help, and you always have the support if you need it. Get to know you colleagues as much as possible! Making effort to show that you are trying to build strong relationships with your team will boost your confidence and will make you more comfortable and will help you to adapt to your working environment. Ask as many questions as possible, as questions are a great opportunity to learn more about your colleagues and the organisation that you work for.

What is your proudest achievement?

I would say that my proudest achievement has been improving my skillset massively compared to when I first joined as an apprentice. I have learnt so much about myself, and I’ve gotten involved in opportunities I would have been hesitant to get involved in before. I have managed my own projects, taken myself out of my comfort zone and opened further doors to progress my career. I have also started my own journey of becoming a Chartered Manager by beginning my Level 6 degree apprenticeship this year.


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