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Employ an apprentice for your business: step by step

Decide if an apprenticeship is right for your business

  1. Explore the benefits and funding

    Apprenticeships build new talent for your business — with funding available to help pay for the training costs.

    Understanding benefits and funding

  2. Learn your responsibilities

    Know the training you'll need to put in place for an apprentice.

    Training your apprentice

What you need to organise

  1. Find the right apprenticeship course

    Find the apprenticeship standard that matches the job role you need.

    Choosing an apprenticeship course

  2. Choose a training provider

    Pick the provider who will teach your apprentice's off-the-job training.

    Choosing a training provider

  3. Consider the end point assessment

    Plan for the assessment your apprentice will need to pass at the end of their course.

    Organising an end point assessment

Begin the apprenticeship

  1. Create your apprenticeship services account

    Use your account to set up and run your apprenticeship.

    Creating an account

  2. Recruit your apprentice

    If you’re not upskilling someone who already works for your company, you’ll need to advertise your apprenticeship opportunity.

    Hiring an apprentice

  3. Have an initial assessment

    Work with your apprentice and training provider to assess your apprentices existing knowledge and agree a training plan to match.

    Prepare for the initial assessment

Help your apprentice succeed

  1. Support your apprentice

    How to give your apprentice the extra support they need.

    Supporting your apprentice

  2. Plan your apprentice's progression

    What comes after the apprenticeship? Learn what your apprentice wants and consider how they could fit into your business. Think about a promotion or continue developing their skills with another apprenticeship.

    Plan your apprentice's progression

Need more support?

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