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Resource hub

Access resources which have been designed to support individuals who are involved in helping young people make informed career decisions.

Resource hub

Application support

Advice, hints and tips to prepare for the apprenticeship application and interview process.

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Resource hub

Subject snapshots

A young person's hobbies and subject interests can lead to a range of apprenticeship opportunities.

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Browse apprenticeships

Search to browse apprenticeships based on interest and location.

Browse apprenticeships
Resource hub

Apprenticeship ambassador resources

Access resources that have been designed to help users get the most out of the AAN portal, including user guides, handbooks, presentations and webinars.

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Resource hub

Apprentice ambassador stories

Apprentice ambassadors share their real life apprenticeship experiences through videos or blogs.

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Resource hub

The ASK programme

Additional information about the Apprenticeship Support and Knowledge in schools and colleges (ASK) programme and the support available.

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Resource hub

Resources for parents and guardians

Resources designed for parents, carers and guardians to help them support a young person in making informed career decisions.

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Resource hub

Resources for schools and colleges

Access guidance materials designed specifically for educational establishments.

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Resource hub

Student activity packs

Interactive activity packs designed to inform students about their career options and inspire them to start thinking about their next steps.

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Resource hub

Traineeship resources

Traineeships help prepare young people for an apprenticeship or work through a skills development programme and work placement. Find out if traineeships are the right choice by browsing these useful guides.

Learn more about Traineeship resources